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Expert tips # 10: When can you repair Bead damage?

By Admin / Expert Tips

Many costly earthmover tyres are scrapped due to minor damage in the Bead area. With Monaflex systems bead repairs are possible…

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Inspecting tyres 18/09/19

Expert tips #8: What makes for a perfect tyre repair?

By Admin / Expert Tips Monaflex-tyre-repair-system

Effecting a perfect repair means your tyre can be returned to service whether that be haulage, loader, dozer, farming & logging, or over-the-road transport. This makes repair quality

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Hot vulcanisation and Monalflex 19/02/19

Why hot vulcanization with Monaflex produces stronger repairs

By Admin / Blog Expert Tips News

Laboratory testing shows heat cure vulcanizing will give over four times the adhesion strength compared to a chemical cure.

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When rocket become trapped in tyre voids 19/02/19

Rocks lodged in a tyre tread void?

By Admin / Expert Tips News

Rocks lodged wihtin the tread voids have a propensity to ‘burrow’ into the tyre carcass if they are not removed and ultimately this can cause tyre failure.

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Monaflex OTRS Tyre Repair System 09/11/18

Dealing with sidewall rock cuts

By monaflex / Expert Tips News

The first in our series of guidelines for hazardous tyre conditions looks at the sidewall rock cut.

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Maximising OTR tyres lifespan 27/06/18

Expert Tips #6: Maximizing the lifespan of OTR tyres

By monaflex / Expert Tips

Maximising the lifespan of costly OTR tyres has a significant impact on budgets. These tips will help you get the most out of your investment:

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Repairing super sized injuries in OTR tires 06/10/17

Expert tips #5: How big is too big? Repairing super sized injuries in OTR tires

By monaflex / Expert Tips OTR

In today’s budget-conscious environment

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Correct sidewall maintenance is crucial 16/09/17

Expert Tips #4 OTR Sidewall Repairs

By monaflex / Expert Tips

The secrets of perfect OTR sidewall repairs: Correct sidewall maintenance and repair is a crucial part of maximizing the lifespan of OTR tyres and minimizing time lost due to unforeseen issues and failures.

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Monaflex XLBRS System - the only bead damage solution 02/03/17

Expert Tip #3 – What to do about Bead damage

By monaflex / Expert Tips

Many costly Earthmover tyres are scrapped due to minor damage in the Bead area. The solution is Monaflex’s XLBRS – the only system that can conform to the complex profile of the Radial Bead area.

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Monaflex Heat Pad 13/12/16

Expert Tip #2 – Monaflex Heat Pad Care

By monaflex / Expert Tips

Three simple care tips to maximise the lifespan of your Monaflex Heat Pads. 1. Thoroughly cover Heat Pads with tyre talc Once Airbags are inflated, Monaflex Heat Pads conform completely to the contours of the tyre leaving no gaps. Before each use thoroughly cover both sides of the Heat Pad with tyre talc to prevent any friction occurring […]

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