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Tractor Tyre Repairs 31/05/20

Expert Tips #12 – Tractor tyre repairs

By Admin / Expert Tips

Tractor tyre repairs are often considered a complicated topic. There are a huge number of agricultural tyre types and sizes and injury types vary greatly.

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Monaflex Tyes OTR 10/05/20

Expert Tips #11 – 3 essential types of tyre repair

By Admin / Expert Tips

Here’s a quick look at some of the most common tyre injuries and repairs   Spot Repairs

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Talón 19/12/19

Expert tips # 10: When can you repair Bead damage?

By Admin / Expert Tips

Many costly earthmover tyres are scrapped due to minor damage in the Bead area. With Monaflex systems bead repairs are possible…

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Inspecting tyres 18/09/19

Expert tips #8: What makes for a perfect tyre repair?

By Admin / Expert Tips Monaflex-tyre-repair-system

Effecting a perfect repair means your tyre can be returned to service whether that be haulage, loader, dozer, farming & logging, or over-the-road transport. This makes repair quality

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Hot vulcanisation and Monalflex 19/02/19

Why hot vulcanization with Monaflex produces stronger repairs

By Admin / Blog Expert Tips News

Laboratory testing shows heat cure vulcanizing will give over four times the adhesion strength compared to a chemical cure.

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When rocket become trapped in tyre voids 19/02/19

Rocks lodged in a tyre tread void?

By Admin / Expert Tips News

Rocks lodged wihtin the tread voids have a propensity to ‘burrow’ into the tyre carcass if they are not removed and ultimately this can cause tyre failure.

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Monaflex OTRS Tyre Repair System 09/11/18

Dealing with sidewall rock cuts

By monaflex / Expert Tips News

The first in our series of guidelines for hazardous tyre conditions looks at the sidewall rock cut.

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Maximising OTR tyres lifespan 27/06/18

Expert Tips #6: Maximizing the lifespan of OTR tyres

By monaflex / Expert Tips

Maximising the lifespan of costly OTR tyres has a significant impact on budgets. These tips will help you get the most out of your investment:

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Repairing super sized injuries in OTR tires 06/10/17

Expert tips #5: How big is too big? Repairing super sized injuries in OTR tires

By monaflex / Expert Tips OTR

In today’s budget-conscious environment

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Correct sidewall maintenance is crucial 16/09/17

Expert Tips #4 OTR Sidewall Repairs

By monaflex / Expert Tips

The secrets of perfect OTR sidewall repairs: Correct sidewall maintenance and repair is a crucial part of maximizing the lifespan of OTR tyres and minimizing time lost due to unforeseen issues and failures.

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