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Expert tips # 10: When can you repair Bead damage?

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Many costly earthmover tyres are scrapped due to minor damage in the Bead area. With Monaflex systems bead repairs are possible…

Which part of the tyre is the Bead?

Whether you’re looking at Bias or Radial ply tyres, the Bead assemblies are composed of the same elements: Bead toe, Bead sole, Bead heal and a continuous steel wrap that makes up the ‘Bead bundle’.

Superficial bead damage can impact on tyre performance

Superficial Bead damage can impact on tyre performance

Both Bias and Radial construction tyres have fabric plies that protect the body plies.  The body plies “wrap” around the Bead bundles and end in the Sidewalls of the tires.  There are several types of rubber, of different hardnesses, that are designed to provide strength and stability to this area of the tire.


When can you repair Bead damage?

Bead damage commonly occurs when fitting or lifting tyres. As damage in this area could affect the air-tight integrity of the tire, or its ability to hold-tight to the wheel, many tyres are needlessly discarded at this point. However Monaflex offers a range of systems specifically designed for truck and OTR Bead repairs. So when can you repair Bead damage?

Monaflex XLBRS tackles bead repairs on the world's largest tyres

The Monaflex XLBRS tackles Bead repairs on the world’s largest tyres


  • When the rubber – only – has been damaged; this can be repaired easily with a chemical curing product or with heat curing rubber.
  • Damage to the chafer ply does not diminish the structural integrity of the tire; and therefore can be repaired as if it was rubber-only damage.
  • If the outer-most [fabric] body ply in a Bias tire is damaged; this can be treated as rubber-only damage. 
  • If a body ply in a Radial tire is damaged it cannot be repaired with conventional methods.  If the damage is not too extensive it may be repaired using the “cable replacement” method.  This procedure should be performed by the most experienced repair technician who has received training that is specific to the process.


Which Bead damage must NOT be repaired?

However, note that repairs must not be attempted… 

  • If more than one body ply is damaged in a Bias tire, a repair must not be attempted. 
  • If the Bead bundle is bent, broken or distorted


Get in touch to find out more or take a look at the Monaflex  truck and OTR Bead Repair Systems. 


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