Monaflex XLBRS System - the only bead damage solution 02/03/17

Expert Tip #3 – What to do about Bead damage

By monaflex / Expert Tips

Many costly Earthmover tyres are scrapped due to minor damage in the Bead area. The solution is Monaflex’s XLBRS – the only system that can conform to the complex profile of the Radial Bead area.

Here’s a step by step guide to preparing the injury for curing with the Monaflex system.

  1. Cut away loose rubber around the Bead damage with a knife
  2. Remove and buff the rubber around the injury with a rasp on a low speed buffer. Texture to RMA#2
  3. Taper perimeter edges of the injury to a 60° angle – keep the texture to RMA#2. NOTE: If necessary, it is ok to remove chafer strip from the damaged area. On a bias tyre a maximum of one ply of fabric may be removed. If the Bead cable shows any sign of damage do not attempt a repair.
  4. Apply two coats of black cement to the whole area, allow each to thoroughly dry
  5. Cover the buffed area with a layer of cushion gum, ensuring it is thoroughly stitched down with no trapped air bubbles
  6. Fill and stitch down the remaining area with tread gum to a height of 1/8″ above the surrounding area
  7. Ensure that there is no trapped air
  8. Use a knife to trim any excess rubber to the contour of the Bead
  9. Cover the injury with high temperature poly or Holland cloth to protect and prevent adhesion to the Heat Pad
  10. Use a specialist Monaflex Bead Repair System to cure the injury – see this process here.
  11. Allow to cool to room temperature and use a rasp in a low speed buffer to match the contour and texture of the Bead.

You can read more about the XLBRS here and please just let us know if you have any questions.

Please always adhere to the guidelines set by repair material and tyre manufacturers.

Monaflex XLBRS