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Monaflex System Care – Following Service Interruptions

By Admin / Blog

Since the start of the pandemic we’ve been asked how best to care for Monaflex equipment in the event of an interruption to operations.  General component care principals apply.


Store components properly

    • Ensure all components are clean and dry and stored in a cool, dry room out of direct sunlight
    • Hang Heat Pads via their ‘finger holes’ or alternatively stack neatly on shelves being sure not to allow cables to rest between the layers. The weight bearing down on the cable could potentially cause an imprint in the Heat Pad
    • Thoroughly dust all bladders and Heat Pads with talc or silicone spray before storing


Double check your Control Panels

Before use double check the set up is correct:

    • Incoming air pressure should be regulated to a maximum of 100psi
    • Ensure there is an inline water trap on the air supply
    • Is there an isolator suitable for the current draw (20A)?
    • Are the Heat Pad sockets showing any signs of wear or damage? Replace if necessary


Closely examine Airbags and their covers

Check each bladder carefully:

    • Are the covers twisted or misaligned?
    • Is there any ripping, fraying or tearing on the outer cover? If any damage is found, replace the outer cover to avoid further issues and prolong the life of the bladder
    • Are the valve nuts loose enough? They should touch the air hose and the covers must be free to move
    • Double check, and adhere to, inflation procedures


Check and talc your Heat Pads

    • Do Heat Pad show any signs of cracking?
    • Examine the connectors for signs of wear and replace if necessary. Make sure the connector plugs are joined correctly
    • Liberally cover both sides of the Heat Pads with tyre talc prior to use
    • Double check and, adhere to, correct usage procedures, particularly use of lug fillers and preheating each Heat Pad


Keep training up to date

Use any down time to ensure you’re up to speed on the latest best practice guidelines.

We will offer, free of charge, virtual training to any customer keen to refresh their knowledge of best practice with Monaflex systems.

We would cover operating procedures, storage and care, please just get in touch to organise your free training update session.

Let us know if you have any other questions about care procedures for your Monaflex equipment or would like a copy of our best practice guide.