Don't overfill the skive with a Monaflex system 22/08/16

Expert tip #1 – Don’t over fill the skive

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Over filling the skive is a common problem

We often see repairers using far too much filler rubber with our OTR system – especially in the sidewall.

With the Monaflex system you just don’t need excessive overbuild. The flexible Heat Pads and Airbags conform completely to the shape of the tyre and during the cure the filler rubber is totally encased by the Airbag.  This means there is no rubber migration (spew).

The reason that many tyre repair technicians overbuild the filler rubber is usually due to experiences with spotter/”C” clamp type vulcanising equipment. The pressure here is typically applied centrally by either a screw or, on OTR equipment, a hydraulic ram. A solid heating element is also used and the overall result is a lack of conformity to the tyre’s shape. In these cases you therefore do need additional filler rubber to avoid the filler rubber running away from the repair area leading to a sunken repair.

Tyre Repair in progress

Tyre Repair in progress

Save time and money:

Over filling the skive causes the following problems

  • Additional curing time – This can amount to 1 to 3 hours of unnecessary curing
  • Extra buffing – Additional time buffing the tyre back to the original contour
  • Waste – over use of costly filler rubber

All of the above add additional time and expense.