Monaflex OTR System 03/04/20

OTR Tyre Maintenance – Reduce Costs, Maximize Tyre Lifespan

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You can maximize the value of your OTR tyre budget with a Monaflex custom OTR system.

Through 40 years of tyre repair experience, we can add value to your business.


  • Repairs that last longer


Simultaneous heat and pressure, via components flexible enough to conform to any tyre profile, ensure the Monaflex vulcanizing system produces a stronger, distortion free repair every time. Longer lasting repairs for longer tyre lifespans.


  • Reduced capital costs


Don’t invest in costly, heavy metalwork. The modular Monaflex system comprises of an assortment of light weight components that can be tailored to the specific tyre range you work with. Significantly reduce capital costs.


  • A faster cure


Simultaneous heat and pressure plus components that heat quickly, mean your repair cures more quickly.


  • A system that lasts longer


Over 40 years of global operational experience has been built into the Monaflex design creating components which are more durable and last longer. New for 2020, R Type components contain a special reinforcement layer that makes them the world’s strongest and longest lasting Heat Pads and Airbags.


  • Training and support for an effective team


The Monaflex best practice training program provides everything you need for an effective repair program ensuring the highest possible repair success rate.


Plus, unlimited technical support is available indefinitely to all customers.


  • Efficiency through experience


Years of design refinement and customer feedback has resulted in a system that is simpler to use and quicker to set up.


Resources for Monaflex Customers:

  • The Monaflex Best Practice Guide: Getting the most out of your Monaflex system. Request here.
  • The Monaflex Training Program
  • Guidance and support from the Monaflex technical team. Choose email, phone, Skype or whatever is convenient for you.

Get in touch with our team of tyre repair experts to find out more.


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