Conveyor Repair System

The Conveyor Repair System (CRS) is the super tough, yet lightweight system for the repair of all rubber conveyor belts on the market today. Specifically targeting rapid and simple deployment, the components have been designed with ease and speed of use as a priority.

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Conveyor Range

  • CRS XS –300mm
  • CRS S - 650mm
  • CRS M - 950mm
  • CRS L – 1300mm

Can Repair

  • Textile and steel cords
  • All belt thicknesses (no fiddly adjustments required).
  • All injuries: Edge, Spot, Splice and Splits.


  • Control panel
  • Heat pad (x2)
  • Airbag (x2)
  • Bracing sheet (x2)
  • Reinforced covers
  • Straps

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Quick, easy, lightweight – designed for rapid deployment

  • Lightweight – The heavy, cumbersome components of older technology are replaced with super lightweight elements.
  • Portable systems for on site/ multi site repairs – systems collapse down to a compact size. Even the largest system can be transported easily in a work vehicle.
  • Large working area – The large heated area allows full width angled belt splices to be cured in one operation saving considerable time.
  • Straightforward – Little training is required, there are minimal components and a user friendly, quick to assemble design.
  • Rapid – Specially designed Heat Pads raise the temperature fast, getting the system to vulcanising conditions as quickly as possible.
  • Simple requirements – just single phase 240V 30A power and 30psi air supply.

A superior repair every time

  • Superior repairs – Heat vulcanisation provides the strongest possible repair – up to four times stronger than cold cures – and maintains the integrity of the original belt.
  • Our flexible, durable Heat Pads conform totally with the unique contours of each belt and the application of direct pressure means a smoother repair with none of the tearing problems sometimes encountered when scraping protruding repairs.
  • Superior quality components mean a hard wearing system
  • Durable, high quality components specifically designed for demanding environments.
  • From the Heat Pad element wire specially designed and manufactured in-house to the abrasion resistant Airbag covers for bladder protection.
  • Robust functional Control Panels monitor temperature, pressure and time including all necessary fail safe mechanisms.
  • Quality control – Monaflex operates a stringent quality management system, which ensures that Monaflex equipment is always ready for the harshest environments.

Cost effective

  • A dramatically lower PSI – reduces energy costs and means smaller, cheaper and/ or more portable energy sources can be utilised.
  • Lower capital costs – No investment in bulky steel curing frames.

Maximum flexibility

  • Our Control Panel is compatible with each of our standard systems.
  • Customisable – in addition to our three standard systems, custom systems can be easily made to suit any repair requirement.
  • Versatile – suitable for all rubber belt types and belt areas: textile and steel cord belts; all belt thicknesses (no fiddly adjustments required); and all injuries: Edge, Spot, Splice and Splits.

International patent pending.

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