R-Type Components 20/12/19

Meet the world’s strongest Heat Pads & Airbags!

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The world’s strongest Heat Pads and Airbags are here.

Monaflex R-Type components are more durable than anything else on the market yet lighter than ever before and still 100% effective. 

Built to withstand the harshest environments, they will perform time and time (and time) again…


  • Strength of 5000N/ 50mm in both warp and weft (equivalent to 500kg per 50mm)


  • Savings of nearly 70%!
  • This means components are both easier to handle AND have a longer life span.
  • Increased strength for a longer lasting product
  • Easier to position and use – less strain on repair technicians
  • Lower shipping costs

R Type Airbags

  • Lightweight and flexible – up to 70% lighter than original Monaflex Airbags
  • Fully reinforced rubber for increased strength and maximum durability
  • The use of reinforced rubber means the rubber thickness is reduced by one third and only one cover is required
  • The weight off a M4824 drops from 11.3kg to 6.4kg
  • Available in all popular sizes

R Type Heat Pads

  • A new generation of the popular X Type Heat Pad
  • Lightweight and flexible – 30% lighter than original Monaflex Heat Pads
  • Multiple layers of reinforced, heavy duty fabric for increased strength and maximum durability. This prevents elongation of Heat Pads and protects the element wire
  • The thickness of the heat pad is reduced from 12mm to 8mm and the weight by 1/3 is reduced from 7kg to 4.6kg
  • Added protection around the handle to prevent wire fatigue
  • Available in all popular sizes

Please get in touch to find out more about the world’s strongest Heat Pads and Airbags.