Haul road construction 01/03/21

Optimising haul road design and construction

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In part two of our haul road design series we look at the factors for consideration in the search to optimise overall haulage costs.



As haul trucks get bigger (load capacity) their potential productivity increases, however, the standard, size and quality of the construction and maintenance of roads must also improve to cope with the increased loads.



Improving the surface material and reducing roughness will:

    • Reduce the damage to trucks attributed to fatigue, twisting and shock to the truck frame and main components. Improving the surface therefore extends the life of equipment and tyres alike.
    • Reduces the long term cost of watering and maintenance
    • Produces a safer road
    • Reduces truck cycle times



Reducing the number of intersections and improving the design and placement of intersections will provide significant benefits to not only truck maintenance but also to truck productivity through improved cycle times and reducing potential conflict points.



Selecting appropriate curve designs, optimising road grades and improving road alignments will provide reductions in the rolling resistance of the road which will lead to reduced truck maintenance as well as enhanced truck speed and productivity.



Improving road cross-falls and road drainage will lead to more uniform road surfaces which will reduce truck and haul road maintenance costs and enhance truck speed and productivity.



Optimising the average payload of trucks, while at the same time minimising spillage, reduces wear and tear on all truck components, reduces road maintenance and will improve tyre life.



The improvements derived from an elevated standard of road construction significantly drive down ongoing operation costs. It’s important to factor this benefit into the initial planning stages of road construction.


Coming next: Road haul geometry and design. 

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