Monaflex Heat Pad 02/03/17

What’s new?

By monaflex / Monaflex-tyre-repair-system

We’re continually optimizing Monaflex components in response to ongoing usability testing and customer feedback. Have you seen our most recent changes?

 Our Heat Pads are better than ever…

All of our Standard model and X-type Heat Pads now have the following features:

  • Moulded cable busing to prevent thermocouple wire fatigue
  • Quicker warm up times due to improvements with our element technology
  • Heated areas which extend right up to the edges the pad
  • Unique helical wound sprung element which eliminates failure caused by Heat Pad elongation
  • Custom design connectors linking control leads and element which removes the possibility of a separation break in use. This has increased the breaking strain 5 fold
  • Super sized versions! We’d developed extra-long Heat Pads to cover all types of super-size sectional repairs.

Please note: Our X-type Heat Pads our are strongest ever model with additional protection moulded into the Heat Pad – get in touch to find out more.

…and Monaflex Airbags are now stronger than ever before!

  •  Seams are stronger than ever due to amended construction and moulding procedures plus improved seam construction and moulding
  • Our development team have enhanced our rubber formulation to eliminate fatigue on folded areas
  • Cover designs have been modified and improved to improve resilience to wear
  • We continue to produce a large volume of custom sizes to accommodate any size tyre

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please get in touch.