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Which control panel should you use?

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Our customers’ operations are hugely varied. We service everything from small agricultural repair shops to chains of OTR repair specialists and sizeable 24/7 teams working on the largest mining fleets. From site to site Monaflex Heat Pads and Airbags differ only by size. The robust design of the Monaflex Control Panel means they are also suitable for every workshop scenario.

Monaflex Control Panels have earned a reputation for durability in the harshest conditions. However functional requirements may differ between settings. We therefore offer a choice of models.

Which panel is right for you?


Monaflex Control Panel


Still not sure? Get in touch and we will be happy to advise.


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Look out for the next generation of Monaflex Control Panel. This brand new model offers a fully digital solution with options for data logging, live data feeds, remote control and monitoring. Register your interest.

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TRRS-D Control Panel

The TRRS-D – for use with 2 airbags

MC Control Panel

The MC Control Panel

M100 Control Panel

The M100 offers the most control and feedback