The Monaflex OTR Custom System is the super tough, yet lightweight customisable system for the repair of all OTR tyres on the market today.

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Customisable – only the components necessary for the tyre range being repaired need to be purchased. So you can start small and grow large by adding extra components when other tyre sizes are being repaired.

Plus for all Monaflex systems

  • Straightforward – little training is required, the system comprises of minimal components and a user friendly, quick to assemble design.
  • Compact – easy to transport and store. No need for traditional heavy weight machinery.
  • Quick – simultaneous internal and external vulcanisation means substantially quicker repairs.
  • Quality components
  • Super touch – yet lightweight
  • Simple requirements – just a regular 240V single phase power supply and clean air supply (minimum 50psi).
  • Compatible with cloth back patches – which provide the strongest repair, a lower cost and unlimited shelf life.
  • Correct pressure just where it is needed – means a stronger, distortion free repair every time.
  • Durability – exceptionally durable Heat Pads.


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