COMING SOON…The XL Adjustable Bead Repair System (XLAB) provides a fully adjustable solution for vulcanized repairs on earthmover bead widths from 4” through 8”.

With a greatly increased repair range, the XLAB can manage repairs to the largest injuries, and by utilising Monaflex’s inflatable Airbag technology, provides perfect conformity with the complex profile of the Bead.

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Tyre Range

  • OTR: From 4” to 8” wide Bead Sole widths

Can Repair

  • Radial and Bias tyres


  • TRRS D - Control Panel
  • XLAB H - Steel Housing Assembly
  • XLAB #H - Heat Pads (x5)
  • XLAB #A - Airbags (x5)

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Specialist Bead repairs – compliments our existing Bead range to cover the largest repairs on the widest Beads. Repair 12” along the length of the Bead.

Rapid assembly – select the components for the bead width and simply position them in place with the two sides of the Housing Assembly locked over the top. The threaded locking rod allows complete flexibility with the width of bead repair.

Flexibility – using an adjustable threaded rod, the system has the flexibility to cover repairs on any Beads between 4 and 8 inches wide.

Portable – compact and easy to transport and store. Breaking down into parts, the system is light enough for a single operator to assemble.

Quick – heat directed from all around the Bead provides the fastest repairs.

Quality components.

Super tough – yet lightweight.

Simple requirements – just a regular 240V single phase power supply and clean air supply (minimum 50psi).

A stronger repair every time – correct pressure just where it is needed means a superior, distortion free repair and minimal buffing.

Durability – exceptionally durable Heat Pads and Control Panels.

Ongoing technical support

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