Many costly earthmover tyres are scrapped due to minor damage in the Bead area. The solution is Monaflex’s XL Bead Repair System (XLBRS), the only system that can conform to the complex profile of the Radial Bead area.

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Monaflex XL Bead Repair SYstem
Monaflex XL Bead Reapir System 2
Monaflex XL Bead Reapir System 3

Tyre Range

  • 40.00R57 and 59/85R63
  • Covers a Bead sole width of 4.75”

Can Repair

  • Radial
  • Bead


  • TRRS D - Control Panel
  • XLBRS H - Steel Framework
  • XLBRS14x4.75H - Bead Heat Pad
  • XLBRS4112H - Wrap Heat Pad
  • XLBRS43.5x13 - Airbag
  • XLBRS BB - Bead Block

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  • Specialist Bead repairs – a unique system for repairing a damaged Bead on giant radial OTR tyres. The inflatable Airbags used throughout the Monaflex range conform perfectly to the Bead and also provide the necessary pressure to facilitate the vulcanising process. Two Monaflex Heat Pads, one directly on the Bead and the other wrapping around the area provide the required temperature.
  • Rapid assembly – the Heat Pad and Airbag are supplied attached to the steel frame, the operator need only lock the frame together over the prepared Bead injury and switch the unit on. Breaking down into two sections the XLBRS is simple to setup and can be easily assembled by one operator. Designed for use with the largest Radial OTR tyres, the working width of the Bead sole is 4.75”.

Plus for all Monaflex systems

  • Straightforward – you’ll require very little training as the system has minimal components and a user friendly, quick to assemble design
  • Compact – easy to transport and store so there is no need for traditional heavy weight machinery
  • Quick – Repairs are substantially quicker due to simultaneous internal and external vulcanisation
  • Quality components
  • Super tough – yet lightweight
  • Simple requirements – just a regular 240V single phase power supply and clean air supply (minimum 50psi)
  • Compatible with cloth back patches – which provide the strongest repair, at a lower cost and with unlimited shelf life
  • Correct pressure just where it is needed – means a stronger, distortion free repair every time
  • Durability
  • Ongoing technical support

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