The Bead Repair System (BRS) is the first in the truck market to provide a perfect Bead repair. This is an invaluable system for environments experiencing a high volume of Bead injuries.

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Tyre Range

  • Truck: 8.25 to 12.00R24

Can Repair

  • Bead
  • Radial
  • Regular, Low Profile and Super Single
  • Only one unit needed for all tubeless truck tyres
  • Agricultural: Please enquire for information about wider Bead repairs in agricultural tyres (BRS AG - Agricultural Bead Repair System)


  • MX101 - Control Panel
  • BRS H- Steel Framework
  • BRS126 PP - Rubber Pressure Pad
  • BRS167A - Flat Airbag
  • BRS126H - Heat Pad
  • MVS5001/112 - Air Control Lines
  • MVS1900/ 250 - Repair Stand (optional)

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Specialist Bead repairs – this highly specialised, unit sits over the Bead on any tubeless radial truck tyre and provides the necessary heat and pressure to repair any rubber nicks and damage that would otherwise cause the tyre to be scrapped.

Rapid assembly – with the Heat Pad and Airbag supplied attached to the steel frame, the operator need only drop the unit over the prepared Bead injury and switch on. The cure can be completed in as little as 20 minutes and minimal or no buffing is required.

Plus for all Monaflex systems

  • Straightforward – little training is required, the system comprises of minimal components and a user friendly, quick to assemble design.
  • Compact – easy to transport and store. No need for traditional heavy weight machinery.
  • Quick – heat directed from all around the Bead results in fast repairs.
  • Quality components
  • Super tough – yet lightweight.
  • Simple requirements – just a 240V single phase power supply and clean air supply (minimum 50psi).
  • Correct pressure just where it is needed – means a stronger repair every time.
  • Durability – exceptionally durable Heat Pads.

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