Monaflex Usage Advice

Monaflex Usage Advice

All information is provided to the best of our knowledge based upon technical knowledge and practical experience.  It does not replace specific site procedures nor does it relieve personnel of their own responsibility to work in accordance with recognised local, state or national standards that may exist.


Working with OTR tyres for earth-moving machinery is potentially dangerous due to their large size and weight, magnitude of air or gas pressures, and the presence of combustible materials. Uncontrolled release of stored energy has the potential to create serious, even fatal, consequences.


PPE should be worn at all times whilst inspecting or working with any type of tyre.


Any advice given by MVS Ltd. (Monaflex) does not replace instructions supplied by the manufacturer of repair materials, tyres, tools and any other component parts or items in use. It does not replace guidelines, recommendations, usage regulations or any type of requirement stipulated at a company, legislative or any level.


MVS Ltd. accepts no liability for any consequential losses or damage of any kind arising directly or indirectly from the use of its products or services. End users are advised to carry adequate insurance cover in this respect.

MVS Ltd. January 2019