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With more than forty years’ experience and repair systems installed across the globe, Monaflex is the industry leader in providing equipment for the repair and vulcanisation of damage in all tyres, from the largest OTR earthmovers to the smallest truck tyre.

Monaflex were the original pioneers of the use of inflatable pressure bags. The Monaflex system provides outstanding conformity to the unusual contours of a tyre. The result is a perfectly moulded repair that is the strongest in the industry.

Our NEW generation of components are now available – 2/3 of the weight and stronger than ever.

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Latest News

Monaflex Control Panels 20/09/19

Which control panel should you use?

Our customers’ operations are hugely varied. We service everything from small agricultural repair shops to chains of OTR repair specialists and sizeable 24/7 teams

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Inspecting tyres 18/09/19

Expert tips #8: What makes for a perfect tyre repair?

Effecting a perfect repair means your tyre can be returned to service whether that be haulage, loader, dozer, farming & logging, or over-the-road transport. This makes repair quality

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Monaflex tyre repair materials can be used in all applications 25/06/19

Tyre Repair Materials & Tools

Monaflex for all your Tyre Repair Supplies Requirements Monaflex offers a one stop shop for ALL your tyre repair materials. Whether you are starting a new workshop or running a long established team, our experts are on hand to recommend the perfect supplies for the job. We keep things simple and provide a tailored recommendation […]

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