Welcome to Monaflex Tyre Repair Solutions.

With more than sixty years’ experience and repair systems installed across the globe, Monaflex is the industry leader in providing equipment for the repair and vulcanisation of damage in all tyres, from the largest OTR earthmovers to tractors and the smallest truck tyre.

Monaflex were the original pioneers of the use of inflatable pressure bags. The Monaflex system provides outstanding conformity to the unusual contours of a tyre. The result is a perfectly moulded repair that is the strongest in the industry.

Our NEW generation R-Type components are now available – 2/3 of the weight and stronger than ever.

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Latest News

Haul road construction 01/03/21

Optimising haul road design and construction

In part two of our haul road design series we look at the factors for consideration in the search to optimise overall haulage costs.

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Mining vehicles 06/11/20

The importance of haul road construction

In this first in a series of articles on the principals of haul road construction and maintenance we ask, What are the benefits of an improved haul road infrastructure? In truck-based hauling systems, the mine haul road network is a critical and vital component of the production process. As such all the aspects of highway […]

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M100-and-tyre 20/08/20

Monaflex System Care – Following Service Interruptions

Since the start of the pandemic we’ve been asked how best to care for Monaflex equipment in the event of an interruption to operations.  General component care principals apply.   Store components properly Ensure all components are clean and dry and stored in a cool, dry room out of direct sunlight Hang Heat Pads via their […]

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