Case study: Bringing Tyre Repair In House

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Custom OTR System

There are certainly benefits from outsourcing your tyre maintenance programme to a specialist provider. However, this solution isn’t viable for every operation. Perhaps geography presents a challenge or there is simply a lack of suitably skilled tyre repair service providers in the region. For these reasons and more, we are often asked to assist clients with establishing and developing an in house tyre repair program. 

This case study outlines a recent project undertaken by the Monaflex team and particularly highlights the commercial advantages.

The Challenge

Client: A privately owned mining and civil contracting company.

Status quo: Tyre repairs sub-contracted off site.

Objective: Support the corporate self-sufficiency objective by establishing a dedicated, centrally located tyre repair program.

The brief: Rocks lodged in a tyre tread void

  1. Recommend suitable tooling and equipment
  2. Train 3 team members in the:

Available infrastructure: Shared work space bays within a common workshop.

The Monaflex Approach

With this client we were essentially starting from scratch and therefore provided comprehensive support on three levels…

  1. Consultancy: Design of a dedicated tyre repair workshop. Key considerations here were safety, efficient production, optimum equipment longevity and of course maximum repair quality.
  2. Training: OTR repair fundamentals and Monaflex equipment best practice. 
  3. Consultancy: Tyre maintenance and management. A well designed maintenance and management programme reduce the costs associated with tyre damage. 

Operational Overview

Site Conditions:

Our client has 3 remote open cut mine sites in Asia. 

The conditions are austere. Deep, cramped pits with narrow haul roads and tight switch-backs. Underfoot conditions, particularly at the base of the pits, are abrasive. 


  • 80 Volvo A40E
  • 40 Cat 740D
  • 40 Doosan DA40 Articulated Dump trucks.

ADT’s have significant advantages over rigid dump trucks in rocky and uneven terrain. The articulated steering allows for a tighter turning radius and offers superior manoeuvrability and stability.

Being 6-wheel drive with differential locks, an ADT also has far better traction and accessibility than a rigid bodied truck. 

Tyre Information

Tyre sizes: 29.5R25Yellow articulated dump truck Volvo A40F

Tyre brands/ specifications: Bridgestone VLTS E4 E2A, Triangle TB598, Maxam MS405

Inflation pressure, (cold): 110 psi. This is 20 psi greater than the OEM recommended pressure and likely to account for impacts and crown damage. Cold pressures should be reduced to 90psi and checked a minimum of once per week.

Mean Tye Life (Scrap Hours): Est. 3,500

Primary Failure Modes: Sidewall rock cuts, Crown rock cut separations.

Tyre Damage Area Ratios: Sidewall – 75%, Crown – 20% , Shoulder – 5%.

Monaflex Equipment Used

The impact

The Monaflex OTRS for specialist sidewall repairThe impact of an effective repair program on this operation is significant. 

In year 1, a minimum of 230 damaged tyres will go back into service. This conservative estimate is based on 35% of tyres assessed being deemed suitable for repair. 

In new tyre value terms, repairing tyres yields a YOY saving of $414,000 or 207 new tyres*!

Aside from the direct value generated, the following advantages were also unlocked:

  • Minimise delays in tyre availability
  • No freight charges and organisation required
  • Increased employee skill diversity
  • Broader organisational awareness of tyres of assets and the avlue of preservation
  • 24/7 support from the Monaflex team

Next steps

The current tyre repair program is being extended to cover the TBR fleet using a Monaflex TRM system.

Get in touch to find out how Monaflex can benefit your tyre maintenance programme via premium tyre repair systems and comprehensive training and support

* Based on an average fleet tyre price of $2000

The figures in more detail...

Cost CentreYear 1Year 2Variance
New Tyres Used13171087-230
Tyres Recovered0230230
New Tyre Cost$2,634,000$2,174,000-$460,000
Repaired Tyre Value0$230,000$230,000
Repair Costs0$46,000$46,000
Total Costs$2,634,000$2,220,000-$414,000
Potential YOY Savings 16%
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