The Lifespan of a Monaflex Tyre Repair System

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Monaflex Tyre Repair Systems are built to be robust and to produce perfect cures for the entirety of their lifespan.

Quality standards are a core Monaflex value

We invest in a continuous improvement programme to ensure enduring product longevity and seamless functionality.

  • Product design and manufacture is informed by decades of industry experience and underpinned by a commitment to innovation.
  • Our stringent quality standards are reviewed annually.
  • We source only premium materials and components. 
  • Our manufacturing processes feature technologically advanced testing methods.
  • We invest in people – every team member receives extensive training and is committed to the highest quality workmanship and customer service.
  • We listen to your feedback and, crucially, act on it.

We work closely with our customers

Our tyre repair experts work with teams around the globe to share operational best practice, maintenance guidelines and asset management protocols.

We share this knowledge with customers so that their systems can reach their full potential lifespan. Working this closely with our endusers also ensures we can act promptly on customer feedback and evolve our systems as enduser businesses change.

Best practice guidelines are available to all Monaflex customers in their chosen language. Take a look at just some of the highlights below.

Following best practice maximises product lifespan

Installation and care of Heat Pads:

  • Use talc or silicon spray on Heat Pads to eliminate friction and ensure free movement against the profile of the tyre as airbags inflate.
  • For crown repairs, fully pack out your lugs to prevent damage to Heat Pads.
  • Never lift Heat Pads by the leads.
  • Pre-heat your Heat Pad before inflating the Airbags.
  • In crown injuries on agricultural tyres, use AG Heat Pads for a perfect fit and to avoid lug associated damage.
Following Airbag use best practices will maximise their lifespan:

Monaflex airbag

  • Always follow the recommended inflation/ deflation procedures.
  • Replacing worn covers is a simple way to extend Airbag lifespan.
  • Carefully check covers for signs of wear or damage before each use.
And generally:
  • Use an application chart to select the right size of components (this is especially important for Airbags).
  • Store components as directed by Monaflex guidelines.
  • Keep your Control Panel close to your setup to avoid strain on airlines and electrical connections.
  • Before inflation, check that airlines and cables are not trapped.
  • Ensure straps are untwisted and that tension is even.
  • Use a full set of Monaflex components – mixing and matching with alternative suppliers will reduce performance quality and void your warranty.

For more information about maximising Monaflex component life please get in touch for copies of our best practice documents. 

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